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Misja IZO-ERG S.A.
IZO-ERG na 鈍iecie
Nasze Gliwice
Plan Gliwic
Targi i wystawy
Adres korespondencyjny
Nr. telefon闚 i fax闚
Jak do nas dojechac
Ankieta satysfakcji klienta
Papier i tektura NOMEX®
Folia poliestrowa MYLAR®
Folia poliimidowa
Koszulki elektroizolacyjne
P造ty papierowo-fenolowe i papierowo-epoksydowe
P造ty bawe軟iano-fenolowe
P造ty szklano-epoksydowe
P造ty bawe軟iano-melaminowe i szklano-melaminowe
P造ty szklano-silikonowe
P造ty z這穎ne CEM i p造ty matrycowe SPS
P造ty konfekcjonowane na gotowo
Rodzaje obr鏏ki i zakres oferty
Silniki i maszyny wiruj帷e
Aparaty i urz康zenia elektryczne
Obwody drukowane
Linie przesy這we
Zastosowania konstrukcyjne
Elementy wyko鎍zeniowe i dekoracyjne
Izolatory przepustowe stacyjne
Izolatory przepustowe transformatorowe kondensatorowe
Wysokoci郾ieniowe laminaty dekoracyjne (hpl)
P造ty do grawerowania
P造ty foliiowane miedzi szklano-epoksydowe o okre郵onej palno軼i typ fr-4
P造ty podk豉dowe aminowe fenolowe epoksydowe
Rury i pr皻y warstwowe prasowane
Rury warstwowe zwijane okr庵貫
Materia造 gi皻kie – klasa B (130 ºC)
Materia造 gi皻kie – klasa F (155 ºC)
Materia造 gi皻kie – klasa H (180 ºC)
Mikanit grzejnikowy Typ HP-5 wg PN-EN 60371-3-3
Mikanit grzejnikowy gi皻ki Typ M-2 i F-2 wg ZN-2002 /MP-TS-1236
Mikanit komutatorowy
Panewki prasowane
Tkanina nasycona tss
Prepreg mika-szk這
Ceratka (tkanina i ta鄉a) szklano-silikonowa tss
Ta鄉y mikowe EPOKSTERM i ERGOTERM – klasa F (155 ºC) – technologia Resin Rich
Ta鄉y mikowe porowate ERGOPOR – technologia VPI
remonty i serwis izolator闚 przepustowych
IZO-ERG in the world
IZO-ERG S.A. mission
Board of Directors
Paper - phenolic and paper - epoxide sheets
Cotton-phenolic sheets
Glass - epoxide sheets
Cotton - melamine, glass - melamine sheets
Glass - silicone
Composite sheets CEM and matrix sheets SPS
Mailing address
Structural apply
Electric heating
Finish and decorative elements
Transmission lines
Telephone and fax numbers
Printed circuits
Engines and centrifuges
Customers’ satisfaction questionnaire
Machining of sheets
Commutator micanite
Flexible Heater micanite Type M-2 and F-2 acc. to ZN-2002 /MP-TS-1236
Electric equipment and apparatus
Heater micanite Type HP-5 acc. to PN-EN 60371-3-3
Glass-epoxide copper clad sheets with specified flammability class type Fr-4
Mica-glass prepreg
Impregnated cloth TSS
Mica tapes EPOKSTERM – class F (155 0C) – Resin Rich technology
Porous mica tapes ERGOPOR – VPI technology
Laminated moulded tubes and rods
Round rolled tubes
Flexible materials – class B (130 ?C)
Flexible materials – class F (155 ?C)
Flexible materials – class H (180 ?C)
Fairs and exhibitions
Drilling boards amine phenolic epoxide
Pressed bearings
High-pressure decorative laminates (hpl)
Stationary bushings
Paper and pressboards NOMEX®
Polyester film MYLAR®
Glass silicone tss cambric
Impregnated cloth tss
Condenser bushings
Engraving sheets
P造ty drzwiowe - laminat szklano-epoksydowy
informacje o Sp馧ce
Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej
Ta鄉y mikowe EPOKSTERM H - technologia Resin Rich
Operator Systemu Dystrybucyjnego
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 It has been 68 years since a plastics processing plant was established on an area of ca. 12 hectares at the crossing of Jana 奸iwki and Portowa streets in Gliwice – a plant nowadays known as Zak豉dy Tworzyw Sztucznych “IZO-ERG” S.A. The Company is the only Polish plant specialised in manufacturing laminated materials for electric insulation and construction based on thermosetting plastics formed into sheets, tubes and rods as well as flexible materials and mica insulators.   

    The company was founded in 1946. The original plant manufactured bakelite and textolite laminates as well as micanites but also rendered repair services and manufactured electric machinery. In 1952, the Company changed its name into Gliwickie Zak豉dy Tworzyw Sztucznych (Plastics Processing Plant in Gliwice) and was subordinated to the Ministry of Chemical Industry, thus becoming a profiled plant focusing on plastics processing exclusively. In 1971, yet another change of the plant’s name took place and Zak豉dy Tworzyw Sztucznych ERG (ERG Plastic Works) were established, whereas in 1991, the Company introduced its well-known logotype and assumed its current official name, i.e. Zak豉dy Tworzyw Sztucznych “IZO-ERG” (IZO-ERG Plastic Works). In 1992, the Company was restructured to evolve from a state-owned enterprise into a sole shareholder company of the State Treasury, and in 1995, it was subjected to the general privatisation programme under the First National Investment Fund. The last stage of the privatisation programme was accomplished in 2001 which led to intensification of the Company’s comprehensive restructuring process in all spheres of its activity and enabled its dynamic development. Since 1991, the Company has constantly been strengthening its position at the European and global markets. Being consistent and determined in striving to accomplish the goals assumed has made ISO-ERG S.A. evolve from a local supplier into a company efficiently competing in international markets. The continuous development of the Company’s foreign outlet markets started being particularly noticeable in 2002, and currently, it sells more than 80% of the production volume abroad.

      IZO-ERG S.A. is truly proud of holding a dozen or so per cent share in the European market of electrotechnical laminates. The Company’s products are used on four continents and in more than 30 countries. Some of the main foreign outlet markets the Company usually delivers to include Germany, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Slovakia , Czech Rebublic and Spain. The Company also collaborates with numerous recipients representing the Japanese, American , Canadian and Thai markets.

     IZO-ERG S.A. has earned its international status be supplying electric insulation materials to the leading manufacturers of electrotechnical equipment, such as ABB, ALSTOM, MISTUBISHI ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, OSRAM, VESTAS, GENERAL ELECTRIC, BOSCH, PHILIPS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. It is exactly the collaboration with the market leaders that stimulates the Company to constantly modernise the existing line of products and to introduce new ones, all in order to satisfy the ever growing market requirements. The pioneering technical solutions in the scope of thermal resistance of laminated materials have enabled us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers and to create new needs multiple times.

Since 1995, IZO-ERG S.A. has permanently collaborated with the worldwide leading chemical concern Du Pont in the scope of distribution of the latter’s products. The Company’s unquestionable market success can be attributed to its consistent manufacturing and marketing policy.  

On one hand, the Company is known of its innovativeness, specialisation and capability to adjust to the individual customers’ needs, but on the other hand, the swiftness of action, reliability and efficient marketing have become the driving forces of a constant export volume increase and enabled us to win new customers.

    The quality and high standards of the products delivered by IZO-ERG S.A. have been confirmed by numerous prizes, distinction awards and certificates the Company was granted but also by the European and international standards conformed with, i.e. EN, IEC, DIN, NEMA or JIS.  Already in 1994, IZO-ERG S.A was one of the first Polish companies that certified its quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9002 standard, which was than extended to the ISO 9001 model in 2002. The Company has won numerous prizes, such as the Polish Quality Award or the Silesian Quality Award. It has also been granted other prestigious awards like “Wybitny Polski Eksporter” (the Outstanding Polish Exporter award) and “Laur – Wybitny Polski Eksporter” (the Outstanding Polish Exporter laurels). Last year, the Company achieved an individual success being granted the Silesian Quality Award for the best quality management. The plant’s dynamic development has also been appreciated by the panels granting the “Gazela Biznesu” (Business Gazelle) and “Gepard Biznesu” (Business Cheetah) awards.

   Despite the intense production development, ISO-ERG S.A. has always paid special attention to environmental protection. The whole area occupied by the plant is subject to constant environmental monitoring. In 1998, the Company joined the Polish Cleaner Production Association and obtained the relevant certificate. In 2010, the waste gas transport pipelines within the plant’s area were refurbished. Also in 2010, a modern post-processing air treatment centre (an exhaust re-heater) based on the thermal regeneration technology was commissioned. This investment was co-financed from the European Union funds under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. The new environment safeguarding system is characterised by a very high potential enabling further development of the plant.  

 In 2010, the Management Board of IZO-ERG S.A. prepared a document entitled “Company Development Vision by 2015” in which it assumed that the plant would continue developing and explore new fields of operation.

















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