Rigid sheets with decorative unicoloured or imitating texture: wood or stone surface.
They are resistant to abrasion, boiling water, hot bottom of pot, spots and dirties, greases, alcohols, weak acids and bases.

Sheets are applied as decorative lining or constructive material in interior decoration, furniture manufacturing, office and shop equipment, trains and cars. The sheets have sanitary approval from Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine. They can be applied in accommodation space.

TYPES (acc. to PN-EN 438-1):
HGS – standard quality for general application as horizontal surfaces;
CGS – thick sheets for special application: doors, partitions, walls, self-supporting elements;
Special application (finishing multilayer sheets PCFM-K for railway acc. to ZN)

ONE-SIDED SHEETS – one decorative surface and are good for gluing (gluing temperature up to 120°C)
TWO-SIDED SHEETS – two decorative surfaces.

Engraving sheets

Multilayer, amine sheets are made by pressing layers of paper impregnated with amine-formaldehyde in high temperature.

For engraving (i.e end milling) for data plates, signboards, visiting cards, key description in measuring apparatus etc.

A -   one side asymmetric engraving sheets                      
S -   double side engraving symmetric sheets

CB   outer black layer – white inscription engraved
BC   outer white layer – black inscription engraved
Other colours per request.