Time-temperature limit 120°C
Suitable for use in oil and in air under normal conditions of humidity
Very good machine-ability.

Typ acc to
IEC 893
Type acc to
Type acc to
DIN 7735
Type acc to NEMA  
PFCC202 TCF-1 Hgw2082.5 CE Electrical applications.
Good dielectric properties. Lowered water absorption.
PFCC203 TCF-4 Hgw2083 L Fine weave texture provides for good mechanical applications. Excellent mechanical properties. Particularly recommended for precision machining and for small components.
Hgw2082 C Low voltage and mechanical applications
PFCC204 - Hgw2083.5 -
Mechanical and electrical applications.
Recommended for small components (very fine weave).
PFCC305  - - - Mechanical and medium voltage electric applications (very fine weave).
Recommended for small components and for fine machining.