I Paper - phenolic and paper - epoxide sheets PCF

Paper - phenolic and paper - epoxide sheets
Laminat HPL
Time-temperature limit 120°C
Suitable for use in oil and in air under normal conditions of humidity
Well machinable.
Type by
IEC 893
Type acc to
Type acc to
DIN 7735
Type acc to
PFCP202 PFCP202 PCF-e XX Electrical high voltage applications.
High dielectric strength in oil and in air
(under normal conditions of humidity).
- PCF-1 - - Electrical applications.
Electric properties exceed PFCP201.
Suitable for use under oil and air
(under normal conditions of humidity).
PFCP201 PCF-2 Hp2061 X, XP Mechanical and low voltage electrical applications.
Good mechanical properties.
Good characteristic for punching production processes.
Option in two grades: thermal shock resistance of 200°C
and with melamine surface.
PFCP206 PCF-3 Hp2062.8 XXXCP Electrical and electronics applications.
Stable dielectric properties under conditions of high humidity.
Good hot punchability.
PFCP203 - Hp2061.6 - Medium voltage electrical and mechanical applications.
Good hot punchability.
PFCP204 - Hp2063 - Electrical and electronic applications.
Good stability of electrical properties under high
Good cold punchability.
PFCP205 - Hp2062.9 FR-2 Electrical and mechanical properties equivalent to PFCP204.
Flammability category V1.
EPCP201 PCE Hp2061.1
FR3 FR-3 Paper-epoxide laminated sheets.
High voltage electrical and electronics applications.
Stable dielectric properties under high conditions of humidity.
Flammability category FVO.
- PFMFCP - - Płyty papierowo-fenolowe z dodatkowymi okładkami
papierowo-melaminowymi jedno lub dwustronnie
zwiększającymi odporność na prądy pełzające.
- PCR - -
Paper-phenolic laminated sheets single or double cladded
with paper-melamine to improve tracking resistance.
Other special types and versions of PFCP
CGS-GC - PFMFCP reinforced additionally with glass fabric layers.
lamp laminated sheet PFCP, thermal shock resistance 10min, 200°C
SPS - paper-phenolic laminated sheet with restricted thickness tolerances, applied for matrix,
single layer (S-1) or double layer  (S-2) glass fibres and epoxy resin.
CEM-1 according to NEMA paper-epoxy laminated sheet with glass clods flammability Category V0