I About the company

For over 70 years IZO-ERG sp. z o.o. has been a manufacturer of electro insulating and structural laminates made of thermosetting plastics: sheets, pipes and also flexible materials and mica laminates.

The company majors in paper-phenolic laminates, cotton- phenolic laminates (tekstolit) and glass-epoxy laminates.
Since 1991, the Company has been improving it's position in European and global market continuously and consistently. Currently IZO-ERG's sp. z o.o. European market share is a dozen or so percent regarding electrotechnical laminates.
Company's products are present on 4 continents and in over 30 European countries. Main export markets are: Germany, Scandinavia, France, Italy and Spain. Our clients can be also found on Japanese, Thailand and American markets. Company's international rank is affirmed by cooperating with leading concerns of electro technical business ABB, ALSTOM, MISTUBISHI ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, GENERAL ELECTRIC, BOSCH, PHILIPS, OSRAM. Cooperation with the greatest mobilizes us to continual improving and modernizing of existing products and implementing new products to fulfill increasing market requirements.
IZO-ERG sp. z o.o. is a leader in the European market regarding glass-epoxy laminates resistant to temperature over 220°C. IZO-ERG sp. z o.o. owe undoubted market success to it's consequent product-market policy. Continuous growth of export and winning new clients are great creativity, deep specialization, rapidity of operating, reliability and effective marketing. High quality of our products is confirmed by awards, honorable notices, certificates and also fulfilling European and global standards by our products: EN, IEC, DIN, NEMA, JIS.