I The most important dates in company’s history

The most important dates in company’s history 

1946 - Establishment of the company under the name "Fabryka Materiałów Elektroizolacyjnych"
1952 - Change of the production’s  profile and the name into "Gliwickie Zakłady Tworzyw Sztucznych"
Years 70. - The intensive development of the factory: 
  • The launching of lines for mica– paper production – based on method hydrodynamic
  • The starting of production of products on base mica-paper mica tapes and micanites
  • The building the department of copper clad laminates 
  • The expansion and modernization of R&D laboratory.
Years 80. - The investments into equipments for protection of environment – the burners of solvents's fumes
1991 - Changing the name into IZO-ERG and creating of the present logo of Company 
1992 - Transformation of the company into join-stock company – IZO-ERG S.A.
1994 - Obtaining ISO 9002 certificate - as one of the first companies in Poland
1995 - Signing of the agreement with DuPont for authorised distribution of NOMEX®
1995 - Accession of the company into the Common Privatisation Programme within the framework of I NFI (National Investment Fund) 
1996 - Start up of new production line for flexible materials based on environment friendly technology 
1998 - Obtaining of "The Cleaner Production Certificate" 
1998 - Signing the distribution agreement with Du Pont in the range of MYLAR® film 
1999 - Prize winner in  I edition of "Silesian Certificate of Quality"
2000 - Obtaining of ISO 9001 certificate 
2000 - Award in VI edition of "Polish Quality Prize"
2001 - Ownership changes - private capital – Polish capital group MISTRAL  - since 2001 there has been implemented intensive reengineering of the factory in order the increase the competitiveness of the company  
2004 - Winner of competition "Polish Outstanding Exporter"
2007 - Purchasing and launching modern CNC equipment for cutting of materials and machining parts
2010 - IZO-ERG S.A. has invested into a modern system of combustion fumes 
2017 - IZO-ERG S.A. has invested into a modern impregnation machines 
2018 - IZO-ERG S.A. becomes the laureate of the "Forbes Diamonds 2018" award
2020 - 100% of "IZO-ERG" S.A. shares were bought by Lerg S.A. group