I Commutator micanite

Commutator micanite

We produced: P9, P11, P13 acc. PN-EN 60371-3-1 and PMM-1 i PMF-2 acc. ZN-2002. Electro insulation material made by pressing epoxy resin impregnated mica paper at high temperature. The PMM-1, P9, P11 and P13 are made of muscovite, type PMF-2 of phlogopite.
Commutator micanite is used for commutator intersection insulation and for flat electro insulation washers in electric machines and apparatus. Permissible thermal endurance: 200°C with allowance for short overheating up to 400°C.
Form of product
Sheets, size: 930x930 mm ±5% or 930x450 mm ±5%.
Sheet thickness: 0,40÷3,0mm with normal tolerance ±0,04 mm or strict tolerance ±0,02 mm.

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