I Impregnated cloth - prepregs

Impregnated cloth (prepregs)


ERGOPREGS EN/F and EN/H are the glass cloth impregnated with special compositions of epoxy resins in dry state but not hardened (so called B stage). EN/F- class F(155°C) EN/H- class H (180°C).
ERGOPREGS may be applied for pressed and rolled products (laminates, tubes, rods, profiles) as well as for elements for electric machine elements and equipment, where ERGOPREG may be pressed directly onto the insulated elements. The hardened products have good thermal and chemical resistance and good properties in constant work at the temperature up to 155°C (ERGOPREGS EN/F) and up to 180°C (ERGOPREGS EN/H).
Form of product:
Rolls width 1100 mm.


ERGONOM - the preimpregnat made by double sided impregnation of meta-aramid paper, type NOMEX® 410 with thermosetting resin class F or H, while the resin is applied in state B (dried but not hardened). ERGONOM F class F (155°C), ERGONOM H class H (180°C) have good adhesiveness to all metals during pressing.
ERGONOM is applied for class F and class H insulation in electric machines. It requires pressing and hardening.

Impregnated cloth TSS

IMPREGNATED CLOTH TSS (glass silicone prepreg TSS) is a glass cloth with substance 200 ± 10 g/m2 impregnated with thermosetting silicone resin and dried up to the stage B form.
IMPREGNATED CLOTH TSS is used for thermosetting, pressed products. Sheets made of IMPREGNATED CLOTH TSS have the insulation class H (constant work temperature 180°C).

Mica-glass prepreg

MICA-GLASS PREPREG is made by impregnation of glass cloth modified with the epoxy novolack composition and gluing it with the mica paper. The resin in prepreg is in the form B (not hardened).
MICA GLASS PREPREG is applied mainly in manufacturing commutator cones and made by moulding the material. MICA GLASS PREPREG have good adherence to metal surfaces and may be pressed on electric machines elements as insulation. The insulation is made of MICA GLASS PREPREG is designed for class H (constant work temperature 180°C)
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