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Paper and pressboards NOMEX®

Electroinsulating meta-aramid paper NOMEX® - PRODUCT OF DuPont™. NOMEX® is an aromatic polymer that provides high level of electrical, chemical and mechanical properties when formed into various shapes insulations. NOMEX® products have characteristics which make them ideally suitable for electrical insulation application. These characteristics may vary slightly in the different forms and types of NOMEX®.
  • In densified form NOMEX® meta-aramid products withstand short term electrical stresses of 18 to 40 kV/mm depending on product type and thickness, with no need for further treatment with varnishes or resins.
  • Temperatures up to 200°C have little effect on the electrical and mechanical properties, and useful properties are maintained for at least 10 years of continuous exposure at 220°C.
  • NOMEX® is unaffected by most solvents and is unusually resistant to acids and alkalies. It is compatible with all classes of varnishes, adhesives, and transformer fluids.
  • NOMEX® has found acceptance in a variety of cryogenic applications due to its unique polymeric structure.
  • In equilibrium at 95 percent relative humidity NOMEX® papers and pressboards maintain 90 percent of their bone-dry dielectric strength.
  • NOMEX® products will not produce any known toxic reactions.
  • NOMEX® products do not melt and do not support combustion even at the highest operating temperatures.
  • NOMEX ® products are available which meet UL 94 V0.
NOMEX® paper is used as electro-insulating material in electrical rotating machines, transformers and other electrical equipments.

Types of NOMEX® papers
  • 410 calendered, has high dielectric strength, it is produced in 11 type of thickness ( 0,05 to 0,76 mm). It is used in a majority of electrical equipment applications.
  • 411 uncalendered precursor of type 410; it is available in five thickness. It is used as motor phase insulation and in transformers, especially where insulation conformability to surface shape is of prime importance.
  • 818 is produced by adding 50% mica plates, it is available in 5 types of thickness (0,08 to 0,36 mm) and is designed for high-voltage applications. Type 818 is a calendered product with high dielectric strength (30 to 40 kV/mm), it can be impregnated with varnishes.
  • 356 (E56) – economic type of Nomex(R)
Commercial form
NOMEX ® papers are available in rolls and tapes. The width of rolls: 914 mm; uncalendered type 411 - width: 965 mm. The width of tapes - minimum 10 mm.

Types of NOMEX® pressboards
  • 994 is densified rigid pressboard, it characterized by unusual combination of excellent compression strength (even at higher temperatures) with relatively high oil absorption. It is used as a spacer or structural element in liquid –filled systems. It is available in thickness from 1,0 to 9,6 mm and size 335x1500mm.
  • 993 is a medium-density pressboard, it provides a balance of rigidity and conformability, unusual saturability and excellent electrical properties in the air and oil. It is produced in eight types of thickness ( 1,0 to 6,0 mm) and sizes minimum 1067x1041mm, maximum 3200 x 6299mm.
  • 992 is a low-density pressboard, it is designed to applications where combination of electrical, mechanical and forming properties are needed , such as barrier and crevice spacers, filling of coil outhang , tubing cores and coil yoke. It is available in two types of thickness 1,6 and 3,2 mm and sizes minimum 1067 x 1041mm and maximum 3200 x 6299mm.

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